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We offer a variety of musical services, two of the most popular options being performance and private lessons. Whether you're looking for some fresh tunes or some classics to entertain your guests at your function, or wanting to fine tune your vocal or instrumental skills, give Joel a call!

Live Music + Performances

From solo acts to 18-piece big bands and from classical to jazz - we're equipped to make your next function the biggest hit ever.

Private Lessons

Looking to master vibrato for your vocals or learn improvisation on your trumpet? Contact Joel, the beloved professional musician and teacher with over 55 years of experience. He'll take you from a beginner to a virtuoso.

Composing & Arranging

Get ready to take "our song" to the next level with a custom written and produced song. Joel transposes and arranges music of all styles, too.

Studio Rental

Looking for a studio in the Virginia Beach area to record your latest EP? Joel's decked out studio space and equipment is up for rent - only with the latest recording technology.

We customize our services to fit your needs. Whatever you're looking for, we're equipped to deliver.

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